Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"The Best Has Come"

Hello Readers,

Did you vote yesterday? I did, it was my FIRST time voting. I feel proud of myself!

"The Best Has Come:" I am would like to send a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my Pastor, Reverend Tracey L. Brown. I am excited to see what new and positive things you will bring to Plainfield. I am pleased to now call you Councilwoman-At-Large Rev. Tracey L. Brown.

The Leadership Project: We are closing out another year! We will be helping out again at Jefferson School's Annual, Family Fun Day. It will be my 7th year, serving as a Member of this Leadership Team. It's really a blessing and privilege to be able to watch the students at Jefferson grow over the years. I love that I can be walking in the store, or anywhere, the kids get so excited to see you! 

Graduation: Graduation is June 21st, I am excited and ready to leave High School. These past four years have been a wild ride.

My Perspective: Again, I am proud of Pastor Brown, I know she will do positive things for Plainfield. I will be back very soon to check in and give you another update.

With You for Leadership,

Vashon L. Hill
The Leadership Project at Jefferson School

Excellence Begins with Me!

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  1. Ask her why she's stealing healthcare benefits from the PMUA. Is that the leadership she will show as a councilwoman?