Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where were you?

Hello Readers,

What a week so far!!! Last minute school shopping, Hurricane Irene (coming this weekend), and the EARTHQUAKE.

WHERE WERE YOU? Where were you when the earthquake was felt? I was at the Barclays Golf Tournament at the Plainfield Country Club in Edison, New Jersey. I didn't felt it because A: I wasn't sitting on the ground and B: I wasn't paying to much attention. I was on a Camp Field Trip. As some of you know, the Barclays Tournament has been a VERY big deal for the past two weeks, I saw some of the Cameras move around; but didn't think much of it. A 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake, struck the Richmond, Virginia area; and aftershocks were felt in NY, NJ, NC, OH, and MA. Did you feel it? Were you scared? What are your thoughts toward it?



I went to the Board Meeting on August 16th, 2011 and was it an INTERESTING one. I don't blame parents one bite for being concerned about their Principal being reassigned to another school. What I don't understand is, Why do it two weeks before the new school year? Was your child's Principal transferred/reassigned? How do you feel about it? Why do you think it happened?

2011-2012 District Principal Assignments 

Janet Grooms                   Emerson Community School    to Barlow Elementary School 
Gwynetta Y. Joe               Hubbard Middle School           to Cedarbrook K-8 Center
BJ BrownJohnson                                                                  Clinton K-8 Center  
John Martucci                                                                         Cook K-8 Center
Frank Asante                     Cedarbrook K-8 Center                     to Emerson Community School 
Wilson Aponte                                                                       Evergreen Elementary School
Scot R. Burkholder                                                                 Jefferson Elementary School
Mark Williams                                                                        Stillman Elementary School
Anthony Jenkins              Maxson Middle School                     to Washington Community School
Shirley Johnson-Tucker                                                            Woodland Elementary School
Kwame Asante                Washington Community School       to Hubbard Middle School
Joi Bethea                        Evergreen-VP                                   to Maxson Middle School(Acting 
Angela Bento                                                                              PAAAS
Otis Brown                                                                                  Plainfield High School
Kevin Stansbury                                                                          BOAACD

Coming Up: Earthquake Procedures and Plans; What to do when one hits.

With You For Leadership,

Vashon L. Hill
The Leadership Project

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